Benefits Of A Micro Wedding

When on the topic of weddings, the first thing that pops into our minds is grandiose celebrations with many people – the main idea being to make a spectacle of the entire thing. However, ever since the pandemic happened, most things around us have changed, and weddings are no exception! There has been an increase in interest in celebrating your special day on a much smaller scale, and it has proven to be equally as special. That being said, let me introduce you to a special type – a micro wedding! 

Micro weddings, as the name suggests, are intimate affairs with less than 50 people in attendance. It’s the same thing as “regular” nuptials, only done in a much smaller way, and they definitely feel more personal. In this blog, I will cover some of the benefits of this type of celebration and how to make it a memorable occasion! 

  1. Weddings Are Much Easier To Plan!

The most significant advantage of this type of celebration is how it drastically simplifies the entire wedding planning process. Because the guest list is minuscule, the number of arrangements you need to make drops to a minimum. For example, you don’t need to send out many invitations, the catering menu is much easier to figure out – you get the gist. This allows you to focus on the things you consider to matter the most, making the overall event feel more personal and authentic.

  1. On A Budget? No Problem!

Another great thing about a micro wedding is that it costs way less than one that has a guestlist of over 150 people. While planning the wedding, you’ll have a more in-depth look at your budget, it will be easier to manage, and you’ll know exactly how much you can splurge on particular vendors. Additionally, this allows you to put more money into things that matter to you, such as entertainment, photography, or decor.

  1. Enjoy An Intimate Atmosphere

If you’re hosting a nuptial of a smaller scale, you have the opportunity to create a setting that feels really close and personal. What many couples regret when they have a big wedding is that they don’t have a chance to enjoy their time for just the two of them. Instead, they have to talk to all the guests and rely on sneaking off so that they can have a moment for themselves. This is not the case with micro weddings –it would be just the two of you with a couple of close family and friends, and the overall feeling would be more heartwarming.

  1. A Closer Connection With Your Photographer = Stunning Photos!

As a photographer, I’ve always preferred shooting a small wedding, instead of a bigger one. Since the setting is much smaller, I feel a stronger connection to the couple that hired me – like I’ve known them for years! Due to this, the photos that I take don’t look staged at all, everything feels very easygoing and natural. If this sounds appealing, I strongly suggest considering a micro wedding because the feeling of intimacy it provides is incomparable, and you’ll have the pictures to prove it!

  1. More Venue Options!

If you’re planning a small wedding, one thing you’ll greatly enjoy is the fact that you’ll have a lot more venues available for you to choose from! Since you don’t require a lot of space for your celebration, you have the freedom to pick one that suits your style the most. Furthermore, opting for a smaller venue means that you can customize it any type of way, and the cost will be minimal compared to larger venues, where there are more restrictions.

  1. Spend More Time With Your Guests

You know that feeling when you attend a bigger nuptial, the couple just greets you, and you don’t talk to them for the rest of the night – not the best one, right? Well, this is not the case with micro weddings! In my opinion, one of the best things about these types of events is the opportunity to truly celebrate the couple’s love and actually talk to them. Overall, you’ll have more time to connect with your closest friends and family, leaving a much fonder memory for the years to come!

  1. Not As Many Group Shots

Lots of photographers advise engaged couples to avoid taking so many group shots during their celebration and the reasoning behind it is justified. Many of these photos look very traditional and are usually expected from older generations, like grandparents. But, the truth is there’s no creative background behind them – it’s just the same picture repeatedly with different people in the frame.

However, there’s no need during micro weddings – at some of them, you could literally capture all of the guests in one picture. By having this sort of nuptial, not only are you going avoid this, but you’ll have more time to enjoy your celebration!

  1. It’s All About You!

Some couples believe that having a micro wedding allows them to relish the true meaning of the day – a special day when you’re marrying the love of your life and starting a new chapter of life together. And if you think about it, there’s no need for a huge crowd to witness this, at times, it feels excessive and downright unnecessary. By having a small wedding, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by the people you love and cherish while also allowing you to enjoy each other during this special time.

This was just a list of benefits you can enjoy by having a micro wedding, and believe me – there’s much more. I really advise couples to consider this type of event since it feels more natural and authentic, and you don’t have to spend thousands to have your dream day.

As I previously mentioned in the blog, I really love shooting smaller weddings as each of them is unique and tells a different story. If you’re considering this route, you can always send me a message – I will gladly capture all of your happiest moments and smiling faces!

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