Why Moms Need to Get in The Pictures

Me with my son

Every mom’s body changes after she gives birth, some more drastically than others. It’s a completely natural and normal thing to happen. Having loose belly skin and a few extra pounds is an integral part of any motherhood. Yet, many of us still struggle to accept our bodies, desperately wanting them to change overnight.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Almost every mother in the world has been there. We often manage to find something we don’t like about our looks, just like we always seem to wait for some drastic change to happen so that we can love ourselves a bit more. 

But why are we so preoccupied with how our bodies look now, knowing that we served a divine purpose in giving birth to our little ones? And why do moms always second-question their looks instead of just embracing and capturing all the special moments with our children?

When you come for a photoshoot with me, please know that I fully understand what it means to be self-conscious. I am so hard on myself and it is so hard for me to be in front of the camera and that is why it is my utmost passion to make you feel comfortable & beautiful in front of it.

The struggle to get into the frame

Doing maternity or any kind of family shots is not only a trend; is the way to eternalize each stage of our family’s growth. And this is when the struggle of simply accepting your body becomes real.

I know many moms who prolong their maternity photoshoots because they fear how the photos will turn out. They wait for the time when they will look their best, missing many sweet moments with their newborn. 

This is why I’m here – to tell you how you feel about yourself isn’t necessarily how other people perceive you. And that is not what your child will think of you a few years later when they look at these photos. You need someone to encourage you and convince you there’s a more perfect time to get those photos than now. 

You want those shots to represent motherhood in all its glory. They aren’t meant to be perfect; they are intended to show the real you. The puffy eyes, the little belly pouch, your stretchmarks… That’s what makes you a mom! Not the pretty dress and the flawless makeup- but your ability to deliver that child and cherish every single moment that you’re about to spend together.

Encouraging a positive body image 

I know that you might not still feel ready. But the truth is, you’ll never feel ready if you don’t change your mental picture and how you feel about yourself. You will only be missing many precious moments you can’t ever get back. 

Break all those stereotypical feelings and try to appreciate your new role- and the new look that comes with it. It’s not going to be easy. Nothing about feeling insecure in your own body is easy, but showing up at the photo shoot is a good place to start. 

There is one common thing about all moms I have worked with who had trouble accepting their bodies – they loved how the images turned out. Most of them have admitted that they were wrong about thinking there would be a more suitable time to do the session. Being authentic in your photos is what both you and your child will cherish as you grow older. 

This is the right moment to start being kinder to yourself and your body, and treating it with more respect. Having the confidence to show up in front of the camera will bring you so many positive emotions that you can’t even imagine. And I’ll make sure that you feel as comfortable as you can be so that we can produce the perfect photos for your album.

Set an example for your children

What if one of the objectives we set for parenting our kids was to treat ourselves and our bodies with kindness? They will surely grow into people who accept their bodies with all their imperfections and value them in all their glory. 

Parents play a huge role in how their children perceive their bodies. If you show your little one that you’re happy with how you look, it will set a good example of how they will feel about themselves as they grow older.

The pictures from your mamahood photoshoot will serve as a perfect example for that purpose. Having the confidence to show up in front of the camera regardless of how you might feel about your body at that moment is the first step. As your children grow older, they will be able to look upon you and use you as a role model for their own body image.

Capturing motherhood for its own sake

Being confident to show up in front of the lenses will significantly impact your children. But another important aspect of it it’s that it is also very important for you. 

Documenting your new mom’s role will help create a timeless legacy. Years ahead, you’ll be able to look at these shots and see yourself in a role of a mother, remembering every little detail that journey has brought you. Avoiding the camera just because you’re afraid to see yourself in the truest light is not enough of a reason. You should be able to show confidence and book a family photoshoot- if you haven’t done this by now. Like every other mom that’s been where you are, you will be thankful for your strength to eternalize those precious mamahood moments.

I know from my own experience that the challenge to accept yourself as you are is hard. And although the journey may last a while, it is very important that you start somewhere. 

So, here’s my advice for all the moms out there- stop having second thoughts and book the family photo session you’ve always wanted to do. Capturing as much as you can of your and your children’s growth is something special. You don’t want to be sorry for missing the chance to eternalize those precious moments. 

And if you find this post encouraging enough, feel free to contact me and book your next motherhood session!

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