Benefits of Getting Maternity Photos Done

A lot of women are unsure of whether they want maternity photos done or not. You may be asking yourself, “Should I get maternity photos done? Is it worth it?” If you are expecting and find yourself asking these very questions about having maternity photos taken, then KEEP READING!

Believe it or not, you’re going to miss your bump!

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant you watch that bump grow and grow. You have started dreaming about what your life is going to life is going to look like and remember your first time feeling little flutters and kicks in your belly.

You’ve probably complained about your aching back, sleepless nights, and frequent heartburn to all your friends and family. “There is no way I’m going to miss this.”

But as time goes on, you may start to miss that bump!  It may not be at first, but as the months pass and your baby starts to crawl, you’ll scroll through your monthly pregnancy photos on your phone while absentmindedly rubbing your belly.

The truth is, while pregnancy is hard, there is something simultaneously magical about it. You’re growing a new life, and you’re the only one your child is depending on. You feel their every hiccup, every kick, and every headbutt to your ribs. You’re completely connected.

You can show as much (or as little) as you want

While many women choose to wear beautiful flowing dresses; other women may choose to wear less and show off their growing body.  An experienced maternity photographer will work with you to understand your needs and your level of comfort.

I have many options of dresses that will allow you to choose an outfit that fits your style and level of comfortability. Styles of dresses I have include: boho, lacy, cottage-core and more. I also have options including body suits and flowing fabric that allows for many options fitting many different body types.

I’m happy to allow multiple outfit changes within a session so you can show different sides to your personality within your session. You may want some photos that you want to show publicly while other photos you may want to take for the privacy of your own home.

I capture the unique time just before baby’s arrival for your family

Each expecting family I photograph as a Minneapolis maternity photographer is so full of excitement and anticipation as they are nearing the arrival of their baby. Whether it is their first, second, or fifth baby, the excitement is felt by all.

The moment in time, this moment in limbo waiting to get to know this new member of your family. There is nothing quite like it.

Your maternity photo session will capture that special time.

Contact me to get your maternity and newborn photo sessions booked! (Another perk of booking with me is planning and coordinating help. Rest easy when you click that button below. I’ve got you!)

Consider checking out my membership option to get a discount when booking two or more sessions!

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