What is a rainbow baby?

Being pregnant after losing a baby brings a lot of complicated emotions. You’re experiencing the immense joy of carrying a little soul inside you, while still learning how to cope with the bitter pain and suffering you’ve experienced after your loss. Many people have been where you are – including me. 

Learning how to live with the pain after experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death is not easy. I’ve worked with many families that have been over what you’re going through now. And this is what brings me here – to share some things from my own and other people’s experience, and teach you how to have a deep love for what you now have and for what you’ve lost.

Celebrating your rainbow baby

There are many ways to celebrate the joy of being pregnant after suffering a pregnancy loss. One thing that has proven to have a large impact on how you experience this whole situation is to have a photography session for your rainbow child. Whether you want to take some maternity shots, or you want a newborn photography session; I am willing to go through the process with you.

But first, I want to tell you some things that I believe are worth noting:

Unpredictable Emotions

You can’t predict how you are going to feel throughout the session, and that is completely okay. Some photoshoots I’ve done were filled with joy, while others were sprinkled with tears. Know that it’s perfectly normal to experience an emotional rollercoaster – I’ll make sure that you embrace whatever emotion you might feel.

Allow yourself to feel happy

There is no need to feel guilty about being excited for your rainbow child. Although you’ll probably be longing for the one you’ve lost your whole life, you’re allowed to feel all the world’s joy about this one.

Talk about it if it helps

Talking about what you’ve been through is hard. I can relate and am happy to be a listening ear if you need one. I have suffered more than one pregnancy loss myself and it doesn’t get easier talking about it. But knowing what you’ve been through will make it easier for me to be more sensitive with your situation. But it is important to know that you don’t have to share any more than you want to.

Honoring your angel baby

There are many creative ways that can help you honor the child you’ve lost during the photoshoot for your rainbow baby. You may not know, but there are several sweet and tender ways to do this. And here are some of my favorites: 

  • Wearing a piece of jewelry

You might have a special jewelry piece that belonged or reminds you of the little one you lost. This would be a very thoughtful way to use that item as a means to signify the child you lost.

For your in-home photography session, we can place the jewelry in your infant’s hand, or wrap it around their toes. If we’re doing a maternity photoshoot, we can drape the ornament around your belly. This is a sweet way to allow for both children to be included in your shots. 

  • Including a keepsake

Feel free to take a sentimental that you keep as a reminder for your angel child. If we’re doing a maternity session with both you and your spouse, you can hold this item near your bump. For infant sessions, we can arrange the setting and place the toy so that it lies next to your rainbow infant. That way, I’ll be able to include both your newborn and the memory of their older sibling in a beautiful photo for your family album.

  • Including a symbolic rainbow in the session

I have multiple beautiful items that allow the symbol of a rainbow to be included into the session. Items include blankets, felted hearts, headbands, and even a rainbow wooden toy you can include if your rainbow baby is a little older. These items are a simple way of remembering your angel baby while still focusing on your rainbow baby.

I am willing to talk about my own rainbow babies

Being someone who has already been through pregnancy loss – not once, but ten times – I know that sharing my experience can make you feel a little more comfortable. True, talking about my own struggle has not been an easy thing for me to do. However, I have learned with time that talking about my own experience creates a special bond. Although it is not really a happy thing to bond over, it sure makes these sessions a lot easier. 

The struggle to connect with your next pregnancy is real. The fear of going through another miscarriage ever again is as real as it can be. But trying not to preoccupy with it is what will make you endure and cherish the happy moments you’re about to experience.

Please don’t skip out on creating these memories whether you’re expecting once more or have just given birth after losing a baby. Although I am aware of your potential sadness, I am also aware of the delight that lies ahead. Regardless of what the past has brought you, you deserve to enjoy every moment.

So, if you want my help and support in making your rainbow child photo session a unique and personal experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch. It would be my honor to portray your heartfelt bond and emotions.

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