Visit my pro lab with me…

I have been so excited to start selling products instead of just digital images. After trialing multiple professional printing labs ,I found that the lab I liked the best happened to be in my own back yard. I love that I can support a local business and that my products get to me and my clients quickly.

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to take a tour of the professional lab that I use. I wanted to learn more about the process and be sure that I can truly back the products that I am selling.

I was able to see behind the scenes everything that happens at the lab; from when they first get to the order to the process of carefully packaging their handmade products and shipping them off.

What I Learned

I was so incredibly impressed as I took this tour. Everyone was working so hard and all the products were each created in different areas. While talking to the manager, it was evident that she believed in her products, and after taking the tour I can confidently say that I do too.

I was able to look at and feel all of the products options and fabrics they offer. The options are all high-quality and I have hand picked options that match the style I offer and I know will last and look beautiful on whatever product you choose. These fabrics are some of the options used on the album covers. They are hand cut and placed on various sized albums and set to dry before placing in the pages.

The Difference

A huge difference between using a professional lab and a run of the mill printer you might use, is that everything is done by hand and checked. The photo files are checked by an actual human and products are checked by people who care about your product.

When I say their products are handmade, I really mean it! They take the time to ensure that their products stand the test of time.

My Products

I am thrilled to be able to offer a variety of products that I can trust and that my clients can see their beautiful family on for years to come. See my product offerings on my info & pricing page or contact me and book a consultation to talk about what products you might be interested in.

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