Twin Cities Midwives Offering Variety of Caring Pregnancy Support

A midwife can be the difference between a stressful and tense birth and one that is relaxed and empowering. Midwives believe that birth is natural and best when free from intervention. As such, their job is to be as present as you want or need them to be throughout your birth experience! Of course, they are trained to step in should anything unforeseen arise, but primarily, their presence assists families as needed, from prenatal care through labor and delivery to postpartum care. These Twin Cities midwives are known for their quality care and personalized services, so if you are looking for a reputable midwife in our community, check out these great organizations below! 

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3 Twin Cities Midwives for Exceptionally Compassionate Pregnancy Care

Twin Cities Midwifery

Twin Cities Midwifery is unique because when you choose to use them for your birth experience, you will choose your care provider to see for your entire course of care. This includes everything from prenatal check-ins to postpartum home visits. 

They strongly value continuity of care, so they begin by having you meet each contracted midwife on their team. Regardless of whatever may arise, you will be familiar with each person who may potentially deliver your baby. 

Every home birth team includes a Licensed Midwife and a second birth assistant, whom you will also get to know along the way to ensure you are compatible. Twin Cities Midwifery offers: 

  • comprehensive prenatal care, 
  • home birth assistance, 
  • supplies needed for a water birth, 
  • newborn care (all done while the baby is right by your side), and 
  • postpartum care. 

They also have an expansive community for their families, hosting events like classes, workshops, and social gatherings throughout the year.

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Vida Midwifery Collective

Vida Midwifery Collective is deeply rooted and invested in their community, welcoming and celebrating all people while providing access to a space that is respectful and empowering. Their goal is for every family to be able to show up authentically throughout their birth experience and to be able to bring your baby into the world on your terms. 

Prenatal care takes place in their cozy offices, and postpartum visits take place in your home once your baby has arrived. Evelyn & Bee, who both believe in a gentle and non-interventive approach to childbirth, attend each birth. 

As community midwives, they believe in building strong relationships with each family they serve. They are prepared to “be your guide when you need it, your confidante, your right-hand, your person throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.” They also take pride in serving families of all backgrounds and being a safe space for BIPOC and QTPOC families.

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Midwives Sarah and Hayley are the heart of Geneabirth. As a team, they have created an organization that helps every one of their families get more out of their birth experience. They focus on creating a more intimate and comfortable experience, helping each family identify the elements of their dream birth experience and welcoming whoever may be a part of a support system. 

They also take pride in collaboration, exploring all options with each family and ensuring that they address all your questions and concerns. When it comes to labor, their priority is “to shepherd mother and baby safely through the birth process.” They provide additional support with the following: 

  • movements and position changes, 
  • touch, 
  • encouragement, 
  • essential oils, 
  • herbs, 
  • homeopathy, and even 
  • water tubs. 

They also offer more extensive postpartum care with three visits within the first ten days of your baby’s life and an additional 1-3 visits throughout the following 6-7 weeks. 

Twin Cities Midwives

Here in the Twin Cities, we are lucky to have such extraordinary and experienced midwives. Check out their websites for more information on the midwives themselves, their philosophies, and the services they provide. You’ll soon see why these Twin Cities midwives are some of the best in the business. 

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  2. […] Twin Cities Midwives Offering Variety of Caring Pregnancy Support […]

  3. […] Twin Cities Midwives Offering Variety of Caring Pregnancy Support […]

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