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Everybody has their opinions on how you should do a pregnancy. Work out but don’t work out too much! Read these seven hundred contradictory books! Use these products only! Oh, wait, there’s been a recall. Try those instead! After a while, so much information can feel less like a blessing and more like a curse. This is why Blooma Minneapolis is a total life-changer. This fantastic center is focused on making you feel mentally and physically empowered for pregnancy and parenthood. 

About Blooma Minneapolis

Blooma was started in 2007 by Sarah Longacre. Before opening the studio, Sarah was a birth doula and yoga instructor who wanted to ensure pregnant people felt adequately prepared for this season of life. Sarah focuses on building a community within the studio to give parents the village they need for those crucial first few years. She also provides evidence-based education to give you an excellent approach to all motherhood struggles. Because Sarah is a mother, she can combine her knowledge with her own experience to give you the best answers. Above all, Sarah has cultivated a warm and comfortable atmosphere all her clients have come to love. 

Mother to be stands in a studio next to a sarge window in a white maternity gown Blooma minneapolis


Blooma is most well-known for its yoga and fitness classes. Their prenatal yoga was designed for each trimester and skill level. With these courses, you can increase your flexibility, strengthen necessary muscles, and release some of that built-up stress while hanging out with other mamas in similar stages of life. Once you have your baby, you can attend their BYOB (that second B stands for Baby, of course) class to get in a great workout while bonding with your little one. They also have Little Kids and Big Kids classes so the whole family can get a fantastic stretch. Their flow and slow-flow classes are perfect for every yogi. Blooma also offers a cardio strength class to make you sweat and a baby-wearing-friendly BARRE class! 

Before she was a parenthood extraordinaire, Sarah was a doula, and she remains passionate about this service. Blooma offers expert doulas who will be there throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. With the center by your side, you can walk confidently through new motherhood!

Newborn baby swaddled in a white blanket holds a felt heart with their toes Blooma minneapolis

Specialty Services

Blooma’s educational courses are a fabulous solution for the overflow of information you receive. You can take courses that cover pretty much every option of labor and delivery. Their lactation courses are wonderful for troubleshooting breastfeeding issues while sleeping classes are game-changing when it comes to getting your little one to bed. You can also find workshops that talk through common motherhood issues and introductory courses that teach you all about what you need to know for cloth diapering. 

The studio offers a list of services to help with wellness. From chiropractic care to prenatal massage, Blooma is here to leave you feeling positively restored! And while many women joke about bladder issues that follow pregnancy and childbirth, their pelvic floor therapy is there to make sure you can laugh without regret. 

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Blooma Minneapolis

Pregnancy and motherhood can be rough, especially with the bombardment of information. With Blooma in Minneapolis by your side, you can have all the answers you need without worrying about the constant flood of opinions. 

As a motherhood photographer, I’m here for all the ins and outs of parenthood. Whether you’re looking for an excellent recommendation like this one or need some stunning pictures you’ll want to hang on every wall, I’m about to be your new best friend! I’d love for you to come and say hi! Contact me today to find out more. While you’re here, be sure to view more motherhood resources below!

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