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The journey to parenthood is exciting and overwhelming – but the journey truly only begins once you hold your new baby in your arms for the first time. Having an extra set of hands around the house to care for you and your baby can be a God send – and that’s why we are blessed to have postpartum doulas in our lives. Welcome Baby Care is an organization dedicated to helping families with infants find a new rhythm, get plenty of rest, and make time to bond with their beautiful newborns. 

About Welcome Baby Care

When Welcome Baby Care opened in 2006, they were the first in-home postpartum doula agency to serve the Twin Cities area. In the 17 years since, they have helped families in our community rest, learn, and thrive at home with their new babies. 

They run their organization according to the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines. Their specialist in-home caregivers are all up-to-date on their certifications (including infant/child CPR), have passed extensive criminal background checks, and provided excellent references. 

You’ll never doubt that your family is in the best hands. With over 20 specialists on their team, including lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, infant caregivers, and sleep coaches, knowledgeable and compassionate help is always close by. 

Dad's hands hold up a newborn as it sleeps in on it's back curled up in a white blanket


At Welcome Baby Care, postpartum doulas can help during the day or at night. Regardless of when they are helping, the goals of a postpartum doula are to nurture and support the entire family – not just care for the new baby. 

Doulas help to educate new parents on important milestones, skills, and how-to’s. They demystify the unknown and help mom and dad feel confident in their parenting choices. Whether you’ve had one baby, multiples, or an extra special preemie, your doula is trained and prepared to provide care and assistance. 

While exhausted parents get much-needed rest, your doula will keep track of any details and notes from their shift, including:

  • diaper changes,
  • feedings, and
  • sleep. 

This ensures continuity of care and acts as a helpful tool to identify sleep cues and pass along other tips and tricks. 

Doulas can also help parents:

  • process the birth experience,
  • navigate shifts in their relationship, and
  • deal with the overwhelming emotions of being new parents.

In addition to caring for the baby and supporting the new family, they do light housework, including grocery shopping, decluttering the house, and managing some light laundry. These are all the things that can seem daunting when adjusting to life as a new parent. 

A mother in a white sweater stands in front of a window holding and kissing the forehead of her newborn baby Welcome Baby Care


Establishing healthy sleep habits and routines can make a huge difference in the long run – for you and your baby! Welcome Baby Care is home to several Infant Sleep Specialists who utilize evidence-based and researched information to help new families with sleep care. 

Infant Sleep Specialists consult and educate families on various areas, including:

  • sleep needs by age, stage, and development,
  • the impact of feeding patterns on sleep,
  • sleep environment,
  • soothing techniques, and
  • setting goals and expectations.

A well-rested baby makes for well-rested parents, and well-rested parents are better parents!

Newborn baby sleeps in a knit onesie holding a stuffed bear in a woven basket filled with pillows Welcome Baby Care

Welcome Baby Care

Welcome Baby Care can help your family adjust to life with your beautiful newborn. Get the help you need – and deserve – to have a smoother, more comfortable transition into parenthood. Let a postpartum doula help.

Now that you found the support you need for your little one, it’s time to find a photographer to help capture those special memories! So check out more of my work and other helpful tips in the blog links below. Let’s chat to set up your next session!

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