Do Good Diapers for a Cloth Diapering Service in Minneapolis!

One of the most essential aspects of parenting littles is diapering. No matter who or what kind of parent you are, you’re going to use diapers. Whether disposable, compostable, or cloth! This local company wants to make taking care of your littles that much easier! Let me tell you about Do Good Diapers! 

About Do Good Diapers

Inspired by their family’s use of a cloth diaper service, the founders and owners of Do Good Diapers, Peter and Kathy, wanted to provide a cloth diaper service to their own area in Minnesota. Especially after discovering there was not one available during their pregnancy with their child Elliot! Not only did they want to utilize the service for themselves. But also teach other parents about the many diapering options. Above all, cloth diaper services make their lives so much easier! 

Peter and Kathy really created Do Good Diapers with one main goal in mind: to inform parents about the easy, affordable, and convenient aspect of cloth diapers. Their service being environmentally friendly and reducing waste is just another plus to cloth diapering! They remain a family-owned business. With Peter and Kathy running day-to-day operations while their children Elliot and Felix act as ambassadors for their parent’s business! 

A newborn baby lays on a tiny pillow with one eye and mouth open with a hand on her chest

Products and Services

Do Good Diapers proudly offers a variety of cloth diapering services as well as compostable ones! Their multiple options also include providing and washing cloth diapers or just washing your own cloth diaper stash for you! 

Do Good’s new client package includes pre-fold cloth diapers, requiring a 4-week minimum and offering 13-week packages, 26-week packages, and 52-week packages. This all-inclusive pre-fold starter package are specifically curated to make it easy on every parent and comes with 80 cloth diapers a week, a diaper pail rental, 7 diaper covers, 2 snappy fasteners, a travel bag, diaper pail liners, and of course, weekly pickup and laundering! 

A father in a grey button-down shirt holds his sleeping newborn daughter in a white dress do good diapers

Their other packages include premium Gro-Via hybrid packages and an all-in-one diaper package, which gives you the option to choose and discover other types of cloth diapers besides pre-folds. 

Not sure if cloth is your thing? Do Good Diapers also offers trial packages, which is a trial period of 4 weeks and gives you 60 cloth diapers, 7 diaper covers, 1 snappy, a pail, a wet bag, 2 Gro Via covers with 4 inserts, 1 pack of compostable wipes, and a credit if you sign up for any services after your trial package! Have your own cloth diapers but just don’t have the time to wash them? They offer weekly washing and cloth diaper deep cleans, meaning they will pick up, wash, dry, and deliver them right to your door! 


Looking for even more information on cloth diapering and all its benefits? Do Good Diapers often hosts classes and events like expos to offer more information and connect with the community! Their classes include cloth diaper drop-ins, where they come explain the process of their service to you in person, and their Cloth Diaper 101 class, which consists of a full informative session where you can learn about all the different types, styles, accessories, washing processes, and delivery services! How cool is that?

Do Good Diapers

If you are interested in cloth diapering or already doing it, do not miss out on Do Good Diapers. Especially when that can mean one less load of laundry for you! 

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