Spring Activities to do With Your Kids in the Twin Cities

I LOVE being outside…. when it’s warm. This new batch of snow is really a bummer, but it’ll melt before we know it and then it’ll feel like spring again. My family loves being outside – whether its kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, or just hanging out in our yard we absolutely love it. One of my favorite photos is my daughter going outside our house to feed our goats without even telling us when she was little. She went out in her underwear and rain boots on. That memory totally represents what she’s like – a free spirited, outdoorsy, animal lover! Although all three of my children have VASTLY different personalities, they all love doing various activities in the outdoors. So from one mama to another, let me share some of my favorite activities to do in the spring around the Twin Cities with you.

Some of our goat babies from a couple years ago! Can’t wait for another round of little goats!!!
  1. Go for a hike/walk – This one is simple, but sometimes that’s what we need in life, right? A little reminder just to get out for a walk. There’s this little trail right behind our local library that we found a few years ago and it’s one of our favorite places. After winter is (FINALLY) over, it’s so nice to just get out in the fresh air and just enjoy the beauty.
  2. Jump in puddles – My 2 year old loves jumping in puddles. Every time he finds one, he does a quick jump before moving on. It’s so adorable! When my girls were younger we’d walk on the curb of the road where the water catches and jump all the way along. It’s so freeing to feel like a kid again.
  3. Twin Cities Festival – Spring Babies (April 7 – April 30) – Located in Brooklyn Park, this festival is full of fun things to do! Kids can hold little fuzzy animals, play on inflatables, and rides. There is no cost for entry, but the events do have various costs. If your kids are like mine and love little animals, this one is a must see.
  4. Holz Farm Spring Festival (May 21) – Located in Eagan, this old fashioned farm holds a fun event where you can learn all about life on the farm. You can enjoy a hayride, tour the house and listen to live music. You can also try farm chores and even see the farm animals! Tickets are only $3 per person.
  5. Springbrook Nature Center (April 22, May 7, 13, 21) – They have SO many amazing activities at Springbrook! April 22nd is a celebration of Earth Day with a family fun fair including the Tadpole Parade Band and an interactive hike. May 7th and 21st are both bird banding days. They capture and release wild birds for the banding research program. You can even go hold the birds as they’re released, and learn about the birds and the program as they’re being released into the wild. May 13th is the Migration Celebration event! This is an annual event to celebrate the return of our migratory birds including programs and activities for all ages.
  6. Tamarack Nature Center (multiple days) – One of my favorite nature centers for ALL seasons, this is truly one of my favorite places to go with my kids. Here are some of their spring activities!
    • Garden Stewardship – Mondays from 10:00-11:30, be a garden steward for the morning during the growing season. Help weed, water and harvest as you spend time with other gardeners and learn gardening tips and tricks.
    • Discovery Stations (April 1, May 6) – Discovery Hosts will be on-hand Saturday mornings with nature’s most wonderful surprises! Stop by anytime between 10 a.m. and noon on a Saturday morning for up-close visits with live animals, touchable artifacts, drop-in activities and outdoor explorations.
    • Spring Birds (April 29, May 6) – Join birding volunteers to learn about birds of the area, how to identify them by sight and sound and all about their lives in our woods, waters and fields. Bring binoculars if you have them!

There are obviously SO many activities to do in and around the Twin Cities. These are just some of my personally recommended ones of all different types. Do you have some favorite activities that you love? Share them in the comments below!

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