Roots Community Birth Center for Comprehensive Patient Care

Finding quality health care that includes patient-focused, gentle, empowering care outside of a hospital can be challenging. All families are welcome at Roots Community Birth Center in Minnesota, regardless of financial status. Roots Community Birth Center offers a variety of prenatal and postnatal services, as well as routine care for children. Families are supported and respected at this patient-centered practice. 

About Roots Community Birth Center

1901 44th Avenue N 

Minneapolis, MN 55412

Born out of a vision to provide an alternative to hospital births, Roots Community Birth Center is a place that welcomes all families. This space was designed to make all families feel at home in a comfortable, welcoming setting. The company’s vision also includes making health care for all ages and stages feel the same. 

This small practice in Minneapolis maintains a personal connection and individual care to meet each family’s unique needs. The practice’s diverse, dedicated team believes in serving every family, meeting them right where they are on their health journey. 

This place serves all families, appreciating the sacred bonds of each family, no matter their background or preferences. This practice is an open door for clients seeking gentle, personalized, affirming health care. 

A mother to be in a blue maternity gown and tan hat stands in the white curtains of a window roots community birth center


Services include prenatal care, midwifery care, family wellness, and doulas. Prenatal care includes routine checks on mom and baby, diagnostic testing, pregnancy and childbirth education, and time for asking questions. Patients see a midwife at least eight times throughout the pregnancy. Midwives at Roots Community Birth Center support comprehensive care that collects data and empowers families to have the best pregnancy and birthing outcomes. 

Midwifery care includes a gentle approach to health care. Community midwives value independent practice that is separate from a traditional hospital system. Midwives are experts in out-of-hospital births. During appointments, midwives practice shared decision-making, asking questions and empowering women to make the best decisions about their pregnancy and delivery. 

Family wellness services include:

  • Annual physicals.
  • Immunizations.
  • Treatment of illnesses and injuries.
  • Reproductive health.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • Children’s health care and screenings.
  • Well-child exams.

Nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses provide expert care. 

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In addition to other services, Roots Community Birth Center offers the services of three doulas who each bring a unique skill set to the table. Doulas can help enrich the healthcare experience by coming alongside midwives to provide patient-focused, empowering patient care. 

As a small community practice, they operate in a way that is inclusive to all families. Finances are important, and insurance can be complicated and overwhelming for some families. This practice accepts all insurance plans. If considered out-of-network, a patient’s care may be covered at a high level, making it more affordable. Quality health care should be accessible to all families, regardless of their financial status. 

Roots Community Birth Center

For families that want a small medical practice outside of a hospital, Roots Community Birth Center is an excellent option for health care. From prenatal checkups to doula services during labor and delivery to well-child exams and immunizations, this Minnesota-based practice supports families at all stages of life, supporting them in their health and wellness goals. 

Finding a birth team that supports the birth you want is important. So if this team isn’t what you are looking for, then check out more in the blog links below, along with other helpful Minneapolis motherhood tips! But before you go, let’s chat about your dream photo session!

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