Flutterby Birth Services for a Confident & Empowered Birth Journey

Knowing what to expect during labor and delivery can help expectant parents achieve peace of mind. Especially when it comes to preparing for their new baby’s arrival. At Flutterby Birth Services in Minneapolis, families can enjoy a wide variety of birthing services, including doula care, hypnobirthing classes, childbirth education, and placenta encapsulation. Flutterby aims to help parents feel confident and empowered when it’s time to bring their new baby into the world. 

A mother to be stands in a window of a studio holding her bump and looking out thee window in a white maternity dress flutterby birth services

About Flutterby Birth Services

7801 E Bush Lake Road

Minneapolis, MN 55439

Flutterby’s name symbolizes life, transformation, and a baby’s journey from the womb to the world. Flutterby provides inclusive classes and services for parents ranging from childbirth preparation to classes and doula services. For the past decade, Flutterby has provided unique services that help birthing people feel empowered and successful when it comes to their parenting journey. 

Founded and operated by Erin, Flutterby exists to help people experience pregnancy, childbirth, and the early stage of parenting in a fulfilling, confident manner. As a Richfield native, Erin uses her skills as a mother herself to help make sure all of her clients experience the best birthing outcomes. Erin is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and strives to help women get evidence-based, independent, personalized childbirth education. Inspired by her late mother’s love of butterflies, Flutterby was formed to symbolize life, birth, transformation, and the journey into the world. 

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Products and Services

Flutterby offers a variety of services to families, including Lamaze classes, doula services, hypnobirthing classes, and placenta encapsulation services. 

Flutterby Birth Services is a Certified Placenta Encapsulator, ensuring that each client’s placenta is processed using only the strictest protocols for safety and efficacy. Placenta encapsulation has many postpartum benefits, including better mood, decreased anxiety, better milk supply, and more energy. Flutterby creates capsules for postpartum women, as well as heart-shaped umbilical cord keepsakes, and delivers them to a convenient pickup location. 

Erin also provides doula care in a warm, inclusive setting where clients can focus on bringing their babies safely into the world. She is DONA certified and also certified by Childbirth International, Hypnobirthing, HypnoMothering, and Hypnobabies. Additionally, she has supported families in the Twin Cities area for over a decade, assisting first-time parents, repeat parents, unmedicated births, medicated births, parents of multiples, and VBAC parents. She offers physical and emotional support, providing evidence-based information for families to empower them to have the best possible birthing experiences. 

A mom to be stands in a studio looking down at her bump in a white maternity dress flutterby birth services


Flutterby Birth Services also offers hypnobirthing classes. These are fully comprehensive childbirth preparation courses that encourage the power of the mind-body connection. Flutterby Hypnobirthing embraces birth as healthy and normal. Instilling confidence in birthing people by giving them all the information they need leading up to labor and delivery. 

Hypnobirthing teaches all about the physiology and stages of labor, calming techniques, breathing techniques, affirmations, and self-hypnosis. These techniques are supported by medical research. The classes also cover the early stages of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. 

Flutterby Birth Services

Flutterby in Minneapolis is a great resource for the Twin Cities area. Providing a range of services that includes doula services, childbirth preparation, hypnobirthing classes, and placenta encapsulation services. At Flutterby Birth Services, the goal is to help all families feel confident and empowered in their parenting journey. 

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