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Sometimes pregnancies do not progress smoothly, and high-risk services are needed. Families who face unexpected high-risk pregnancies face anxiety and uncertainty around their baby’s growth and development inside the womb. At Midwest Fetal Care Center in Minneapolis, families can rest assured that they can access a wide range of healthcare services from a collaborative team of experts who will help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their babies. 

About Midwest Fetal Care Center

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For families facing high-risk pregnancies, specialized maternal-fetal medical care is needed. At Midwest Fetal Care Center in Minneapolis, comprehensive maternal-fetal medical care is available for parents and babies. MWFCC is a collaboration between Allina Health and Children’s Minnesota and brings together a multi-disciplinary team of highly-trained maternal-fetal medicine experts. 

MWFCC has been operating since 2008 and is a national referral center and regional leader in fetal diagnosis, fetal intervention, and comprehensive fetal care for unborn babies that have been diagnosed with complex conditions. 

A mother in a white dress and lace sleeves sits on a couch holding her newborn baby against her chest


Midwest Fetal Care Center is a place that guides parents through every step of their journey, from coordinating appointments to preparing for fetal surgery to providing neonatal care. The family-centered model of care puts patients at the forefront of their medical care. 

MFCC’s skilled team of healthcare specialists work collaboratively to provide advanced, comprehensive medical care with a multi-disciplinary model that includes maternal-fetal medicine specialists, pediatric surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, neurologists, geneticists, social workers, nurses, and many more. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists offer advanced prenatal intervention, serving the complex needs of expectant mothers so that mothers and babies are set up to thrive. 

MFCC provides fetal surgery services with some of the highest survival rates and lowest postoperative complications. Babies with congenital heart defects can receive top-notch pediatric cardiac care from birth all the way into adulthood. Babies born prematurely and requiring surgery can receive some of the best outcomes in the country. 

A mother and father sit on a white couch while holding their newborn baby in their arms midwest fetal care center


MFCC’s fetal care program is able to diagnose and treat a range of congenital diseases and high-risk conditions. Allowing parents to gain education and support when it comes to their baby’s development and health issues. This fetal care center cares for babies with conditions such as amniotic band syndrome, cloacal exstrophy, club foot, congenital heart disease, lung malformations, fetal tumors, gastrointestinal disorders, genetic conditions, fetal anemia, skeletal dysplasia, and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

This center offers the best care for high-risk pregnancies. Services include fetal imaging, fetal neural tube defect repair, fetal transfusion, genetic counseling, amniocentesis, ultrasound, and operative fetoscopy. Above all, families can rest assured that they will always receive evidence-based care with the best possible outcomes from the highly skilled team at MFCC. 

A newborn baby lays in her mother's lap while mom plays with her toes midwest fetal care center

Midwest Fetal Care Center

Midwest Fetal Care Center in Minneapolis provides a wide range of services to families facing high-risk pregnancies. From genetic counseling to fetal surgeries to neonatal intensive care, MFCC provides a comprehensive array of services. So they can ensure the best possible outcomes for families with babies facing complex medical conditions. 

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