3 Amazing Options for a Postpartum Doula Minneapolis!

Postpartum doulas are non-medical professionals who provide excellent information, education, and support to families as they navigate the weeks and months after having a baby. Doulas offer non-judgmental support with customized services to meet each family’s unique needs and goals. Support includes newborn care, lactation support, feeding education, and even overnight newborn care so parents can get adequate sleep. These three Minneapolis postpartum doula teams serve families in the Minneapolis area, helping them navigate their lives after bringing a new baby home. 

Get The Best Start Possible With A Postpartum Doula In Minneapolis

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Better Beginnings

Serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area

Better Beginnings provides Minnesota’s best postpartum doula support through professional expertise and an experienced, peaceful presence. Clients can book visits on the website’s contact page for a la carte support services. Hourly rates are also available for more comprehensive experiences, and clients can create a customized postpartum support package that works well with their family’s unique needs. Postpartum doulas help families have a smooth transition into life with a new baby. Each package includes a prenatal team consultation, contracted hours of support, exclusive VIP resources for all postpartum needs, discounts on other services, and unlimited phone and email support. 

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5315 Lyndale Ave S 

Minneapolis, MN 55419

Blooma provides postpartum doulas who are trained to provide care day or night, helping families through the difficult “fourth-trimester” period. Doulas provide the highest quality, evidence-based support services for families in Minneapolis and the St. Paul metro area. Blooma postpartum doulas provide educational, emotional, and physical support as families navigate the fourth trimester. Doulas provide non-judgemental support, nurturing families and listening to their experiences. Postpartum doulas help assess and meet each family’s unique needs, aiming to help clients feel empowered as they transition into life with a new baby. 

During the first 12 weeks postpartum, doulas provide a variety of support services such as newborn care education, infant feeding support, lactation support, new sibling support, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and support with postpartum healing and recovery. Daytime support includes customized care to meet the goals of each family. Nighttime support helps parents enjoy restorative sleep while the doula cares for the baby. Discounts are available for families that use over a certain number of hours of care. 

A mother to be in jeans sits on a stool in a studio holding her bump postpartum doula minneapolis

Midwest Doulas

Justine Temke started Midwest Doulas to help growing families have the best births and postpartum experiences possible. After years of experience as a private doula, she found the two keys to the best births. The basis she found is a well-informed and well-supported foundation. She believes that when families begin the journey equipped with the tools to make the right decisions, they have a much higher success rate. These tools also include a team of open-minded and judgment-free doulas to support them along the way. Every birth with this Midwest Doulas is attended by a team to support your every need. This team includes three Postpartum Doulas to guide and support you after your delivery in Minneapolis.

Their team proves again and again that postpartum care can change everything! They tailor their services to each family’s needs. So they will assist you anywhere you need them. To touch a few, they provide healing tips, lactation support, baby calming and soothing techniques, and help the rest of the family learn their new roles. Above all, they ease the transition back home with the new family member! They will even help cover some of the cooking and cleaning around the house!

Postpartum Doula Minneapolis

These three postpartum doula teams in Minneapolis services provide high-quality services, support, and education as families navigate the fourth trimester. From light housekeeping to helping siblings adjust to a new baby to taking care of the baby overnight so parents can get the sleep they desperately need, postpartum doulas provide amazing support services to families, setting them up for success as they navigate their lives after childbirth. 

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