Kiddywampus is A Children’s Store As Unique As Your Child!

One of the best things about our kids is getting to know their unique personalities. Chatting with them about their lives and learning more about what makes them happy is a pretty cool experience! That is exactly why I love Kiddywampus. This Minnesota kids’ store knows that no child is alike and takes the time to find different products for every kid. If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to take your unique kiddo, I’d love to tell you more about this one-of-a-kind shop!  

A mother holds the hands of her standing one year old in a studio

About Kiddywampus

Have you ever walked into a store and just knew a parent designed it? You get that feeling the second you walk through the doors of Kiddywampus. That’s because Amy Saldanha wanted to create a go-to place where both kids and parents could feel at home. Amy worked as a corporate lawyer for years, but once she had three kids, she decided to take a break. 

Kiddywampus was born after she decided she wanted to get back to work. She created a space that sold premium toys and provided engaging events for kids of all ages. Today, the shop has expanded to a second location and operates out of Hopkins and Chanhassen. It’s been over 15 years since opening. Still, Kiddywampus remains committed to offering the very best selection in a child-friendly space. 

A young toddler in tan overalls sits in a rope swing hammock playing with a wooden bear kiddywampus


Kiddywampus has a wide variety of toys for every kid’s interest. Have a future zoologist? Check out the Schleich wildlife figures! Are you raising a rated G, Gordon Ramsay? Then you’ll love the huge selection of play food. Are you trying to keep your little princess bejeweled? They have necklaces for just that. The shop contains things that will engage your child’s imagination and provide unlimited hours of constructive play. 

From their wonderful Lego selection to their Calico Critters collection, they have precisely what your child is looking for. The best thing about the shop is that their staff is always ready to jump in and suggest ideas for gifts, so you’ll never have to feel overwhelmed and try to figure out what to get the kids in your life. 

A toddler boy plays on the floor of a studio with a wooden car on a string while wearing a white onesie with ears kiddywampus


Kiddywampus is not just a toy shop. It’s an experience! Both locations provide engaging classes and camps to allow your child to learn more about the world around them. 

Whether they want to take an hour a week to learn the ukulele or prefer to read some pretty great books, the shop has an event they’ll love! The camps are themed around special interests, including superheroes, fairy tales, Doc McStuffens, puzzles, and more! No matter what your little one is into, Kiddywampus has a camp for them. 


If you’re looking for a toy store that understands your unique child, check out Kiddywampus. This Minnesota shop carries fantastic products your kid is destined to love!

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