BirthED MN Provides Evidence-Based Birthing Education for Parents!

BirthED MN is a place where families can access engaging, smart, evidence-based education and support as they navigate pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, and newborn care. Classes are offered by certified teachers in fun, interactive formats, and birthED provides a number of other services as well to support families in their parenting journeys. 

A mother breastfeeds her newborn baby while sitting in a tall wicker chair

About BirthED MN

6 6th Avenue N.

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Hopkins, MN 55343 

BirthED is a place where parents can access smart, fun, interactive classes designed to prepare them for whatever life throws their way. This company was born with the intention of supporting birthing people and families as they experience the joys and challenges of bringing children into the world. Each birthED class emphasizes figuring out each person’s unique values and philosophies with authentic, humorous, down-to-earth, experienced teachers.

BirthED has years of experience supporting families through births and parenthood, as well as teaching thousands of families over the past decade. BirthED combines unique knowledge and personable teachers with traditional childbirth education. Classes are rooted in Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices, bringing evidence-based tools and education to students in fun, engaging, interactive classes. 

A mother and father sit on a couch with their toddler daughter as they all look down at the newborn baby in mom's lap birthed mn


BirthED believes that all birthing people should have access to doula care, no matter what type of birth they plan to have. In birthED classes, parents can learn about the invaluable support doulas bring as they provide evidence-based, compassionate care to families. Having a doula as a support person during pregnancy, labor, and delivery can help during this monumental shift in a family’s life. Doulas also help with postpartum care, sibling care, and anything birth-related. 

The fundamental part of birthED services is their engaging classes. Class topics include home birth preparation, lactation basics, infant CPR and first aid, Lamaze, VBAC preparation, and newborn care. 

BirthED provides in-person lactation support as well as phone and text support. The team of certified lactation professionals can assist families with breastfeeding tips and tricks, empower them as they feed their little ones, and troubleshoot and provide solutions for common breastfeeding issues. Visits include a full review of a mother’s lactation journey, latch assessment, assessment of milk transfer, assessment of baby’s growth, creating a lactation plan, and providing suggestions on positions, holds, and ways to be comfortable while breastfeeding. Phone and text support provides convenience for busy families. 

A mother and daughter sit together in a tall wicker chair in a studio while mom holds her sleeping newborn in her lap birthed mn


Placenta encapsulation is a specialty service offered at BirthED. The encapsulator uses the safest practices and sterilized equipment to prepare the placenta, which can help women increase milk supply, improve mood, balance hormones, increase energy, and replenish the body’s nutrients during postpartum recovery.

BirthED also has a massage therapist, Mobey. She works with clients to provide myofascial and neuromuscular work. In addition, she loves working with the soft tissues in the body to reduce tension. Then, she stimulates body muscles and facial connective tissues. Her massages hydrate the myofascial system while resetting holding patterns and refining proprioception in the neuromuscular system. Massages promote relaxation and better circulation. 

Professional lactation support and consulting are offered at birthED. Their team of certified location professionals provide both virtual and in-person support to families. Breastfeeding can present many challenges. But lactation consultants can help improve the baby’s latch, address breastfeeding after breast reduction, help with low milk supply or oversupply, and provide prenatal location planning sessions to prepare for the baby’s arrival. 

BirthED MN

BirthED MN is a place where families can enjoy fun, interactive classes on a variety of topics relating to parenthood, as well as access other services, including lactation support, doula care, and placenta encapsulation. All families are respected, supported, and valued at BirthED in Minnesota. 

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