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Water safety is an essential skill for all children. At Foss Swim School in Minneapolis, students can learn all about water safety, swim strokes, and proper techniques to set them up for a lifetime of loving the water. Through fun, engaging lessons, kids of all ages can learn to become better swimmers and understand how to be safe in the water. 

About the Foss Swim School in Minneapolis

1166 University Ave West

St. Paul, MN 55104

At Foss Swim School, the science of swimming seamlessly combines with the art of learning. When Jon and Susan Foss founded Foss Swim School in 1993, they wanted to teach swimming as a form of child enrichment, a foundation for a lifetime of fun, water safety, and social and mental health benefits. Laughter is at the heart of the curriculum, and graduating from the program reflects confidence and mastery of the water.

This swim school offers more than just lessons – it features thoroughly-trained teachers, warm water, private changing areas, and pools specially designed for learning. The Foss experience is unique; you won’t find it anywhere else. 

A mother in a floral pattern dress laughs and plays with her toddler daughter in a matching dress in a studio


Foss Swim School features low student-teacher ratios at the beginner levels, making learning easier for young ones. Sessions are offered by quarter, not ongoing, so families can choose what makes sense in their schedule. Semi-private and private lessons are available.

The Foss approach includes teachers who personalize the lessons for each student based on their level of comfort, learning style, and personality. Students go into small classes of only 3-4 people of similar ages and abilities. Additionally, teachers work with classes for the entire quarter.

Foss Swim School uses the Swim Path curriculum, a method that personalizes a learning environment for each student by breaking down the basics of swimming into simple parts. Moreover, kids learn to enjoy the water, float, flip over to breathe, and the standard swim strokes. Each quarter, kids master key skills they’ll need as they work toward graduation. 

Furthermore, teachers are hand-picked, must be outgoing, enjoy working with kids, and feel driven to help others succeed through fun, engaging lessons. The curriculum makes safety a top priority, and the school is committed to delivering the optimal learning environment for students and their families. 

Lessons follow a natural learning cadence, and kids can take time off without their families paying a monthly fee. The school values strong relationships between teachers and their students so everyone can succeed. Foss Swim School is where kids want to be because it is fun, clean, and safe.

A mother in a flora pattern dress stands in a studio holding her young daughter on her him in a matching dress foss swim school minneapolis


Swim Path is a unique curriculum that helps kids find their unique path as they develop skills and confidence for life. Activities are more than just ways to teach water skills; they set students up for a lifetime of water enjoyment and safety. The classes include:

  • babies (6 months through 3 years),
  • little (3-5 years),
  • big (7-10 years),
  • 10+ (10-17 years), and
  • adults (18+). 

They also offer swim camps, which include 5-8 lessons. Families can choose from one, two, or four-week swim camps to fit between vacations, sports, and other summer activities. These camps are a great way to accelerate learning in between lessons. 

You can purchase Foss Swim School gift cards in person or online and use them for lessons and retail items. Additionally, clients can add value to their cards at any time. 

Foss Swim School Minneapolis

Foss Swim School is where kids of all ages can enjoy fun, engaging lessons taught by experienced instructors. The special curriculum at Foss Swim School sets children up for a lifetime of water safety. From group swim classes to swim teams to swim camps, Foss Swim School in Minneapolis offers high-quality classes for kids of all ages and abilities. 

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