Consider this for a moment. Flowers will wither, decor may be discarded, and memories of specific dishes fade with time. However, your photos and video will endure, immortalizing the essence of your special day and carrying your legacy into the future.

Have you ever taken a seat with your parents or grandparents, leafing through their wedding album or watching their wedding video? The experience is profoundly humbling and compelling, granting a glimpse into your family's history. Envision sharing this very journey with your own children and grandchildren down the line. What an invaluable gift that will prove to be.

Your Wedding Video and Photos: A Timeless Legacy

We want you to love your day!  We want to make it as stress-free as possible.  We bring along things like a beautiful bride hanger for dress photos, and a thank you sign for your your thank you cards.  

Little things like clothing tape, a hook to help button up the back of your dress, bringing clear umbrellas in case of rain, and various other tricks of the trade I've picked up are all things I bring with to make sure your day is seamless!

We will even order your thank you cards and mail them out for you so you can enjoy your honeymoon without having to worry about it!

Want your memories to last forever in a way you can look at every day?  We will then create a gorgeous photo album AND video album and send them off to you!

The Experience

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Sign your contract and pay retainer


Optional engagement and/or bridal session


Create a timeline


Chat about final details


Wedding day


Working Together

love & post your photos


Starting at $2000 for
2 photographers

Starting at $3000 for a photographer + videographer

Seamlessly capturing all your cherished moments... Every intimate wedding collection is thoughtfully curated with a second shooter or a videographer to guarantee not a single precious moment is overlooked.


  • Complimentary Wedding Guide PDF
  • Unlimited Planning Assistance

Starting at $450

Engagement sessions offer wonderful practive for your wedding day. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to embrace moments of cuddling and pure enjoyment with your partner, all while yielding stunning photos as a result! When I'm the chosen photographer for your wedding, I always suggest scheduling an engagement session. This allows us to acquaint ourselves with each other and helps you feel at ease in front of the camera before the big day.

For an added touch, video engagement sessions beautifully chronicle the tale of your love story—how you met and fell for each other. It's a delightful way to share your unique journey with loved ones, making it perfect for featuring on your wedding website. During these sessions, we'll venture through picturesque locations, capturing cinematic footage that encapsulates your essence as a couple. You can choose to pen and exchange heartfelt letters or opt for a spontaneous, unscripted interview-style session, revealing the beautiful narrative of your love story to share with your future children and grandchildren.

Engagement Session


Beautiful 5x7 gold glass box with your choice of 10 images printed on torchon paper, which is high quality pure cellulose watercolor paper with bright whites and a textured surface.  

Your prints will be then printed onto white styrene, which is 3mm and is made to last without warping.

Handcrafted album assembled by hand with curated, high-quality materials to be cherished as an heirloom

Flush mount binding for seamless, lay-flat spreads

Gold Glass Photo Box + 10 (5x7 Prints)


Turn your images into extraordinary wall art by incorporating a handcrafted frame that beautifully complements your timeless prints.

Framed Prints

choice of white, light wood, metal or ornate frames

Transform images into one-of-a-kind wall art by adding a handcrafted float frame to your beautifully handcrafted premium canvas artwork.

Canvas Float Frames

choice of white, light wood,

aged metallic (champagne, silver or gold)

The Johnsons

"Working with Stickan Photography was an absolute pleasure. They were not only professional but also incredibly personable, making us feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. The photos were beyond our expectations, showcasing the love and happiness of our day flawlessly. The video was nothing short of magical—it truly transported us back to that special day. Their talent and dedication to their craft were evident, and we are so grateful for the memories they've immortalized. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch photography and videography!"

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Kind Words